Our mission is to implement Prefab technologies in modern Russian construction processes to reduce the time spent on construction while maintaining the high quality of the erected buildings and structures.
Prefabricated modules by NOVIY DOM are manufactured at a specialised factory and delivered to the construction site as ready-made modules that are easily and rapidly assembled into a building on site. Houses are built from high-quality Russian materials, architectural concepts are developed by the best Russian architects. The project is implemented with the participation of the KNAUF Group.

Our goal

The goal of Noviy Dom is to become a leading innovative Russian enterprise producing prefabricated structures that will be a reliable partner for Russian developers and to implement Russian industrial construction standards such as standards for assembling prefabricated housing on a ready foundation.

Our objective is to become a reliable partner for the largest Russian developers by implementing new engineering solutions in construction and to become a leader in the manufacture of innovative houses built using Prefab technology.

Our target audience

Our solutions will be of interest to architects, designers, construction companies, developers, as well as public organisations engaged in the implementation of social construction projects.

Noviy Dom LLC

Phone: 8 (495) 739 92 88