Sanitary Module (SM)

The sanitary module is one of the most popular products manufactured by the NOVIY DOM company for investors and developers.

A wet-mix area in apartments or other spaces, whether it is a hotel suite, is the most labor-intensive and difficult to construct.

The ability to produce high-quality SMs on the basis of the NOVIY DOM plant allows the investor to minimize his costs, accelerate the construction and commissioning of the facility, and also be sure of the quality of the materials used and the work performed.

Specification options, sizes and types of finishes may vary based on client requirements.

The cost of the sanitary module starts from 60 thousand rubles per unit. You can request an exact calculation based on your needs by contacting us filling out the feedback form.


  • metal profile frame made of LSTS
  • Sound insulating slab Acousti KNAUF
  • Vapor barrier film
  • Aquapanel ®
  • Decoration

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