Installation of Prefab – modules

Installation of Prefab – modules at the construction site on a finished foundation takes the shortest possible time - up to 30 minutes. The modules are interconnected by special


Further, after the assembly of all modules, intermodule connections are closed. Due to the fact that the facade material of our modules - Knauf Aquapanel is absolutely moisture-resistant material, a building constructed from KNAUF modules can exist without a finish facade solution for a long time.

After the installation of modular structures, the roof structures, the frames and sub-frames included in the prefabricated house specification are installed, and then the roof top coat is laid on them. The next steps are the facade work - it can be any type of hinged ventilated facade or standard solutions using plaster and other finishing materials.

The facade prefab – panels (sheathed timber frame walls of plant production) are installed on the main frame of the building, it can be monolithic, metal or combined. Panels can be of two mounting types:

  • hinged
  • resting on fasteners

Ready-made Prefab - panels are mounted on special fastening systems depending on the technical specifications and design features.

The sanitary modules (SMs) are installed in the finished supporting frame of the building before the erection of enclosing structures. The installation process of SM takes an average of 30-40 minutes.