Home kit BMB

Price of a prefabricated house includes:

  • NOVIY DOM Prefab modules, including floor, ceiling, external and internal wall panels
  • Windows Rehau
  • Basement insulation panels
  • Roof insulation panels
  • Roof covering panels
  • Roof principal and secondary trusses, parapet frames (for flat roofs)
  • Pipe wiring of heating, water supply and sewage in the panels of the finished module
  • Wiring of power supply and lighting systems
  • Engineering panels of bathrooms and kitchens, including ventilation, sewage and water supply stacks

NOVIY DOM Prefab module is made of the following materials:

  • supporting metal frame made of LMS
  • metal profile frame made of LSTS
  • insulation (mineral wool KNAUF Insulation), housewrap membrane, vapor barrier film
  • Knauf Aquapanel
  • plywood
  • KNAUF-sheet Sapphire (drywall with special characteristics)

The basic overall size of the module is 3.2 * 6.4 * 3.0 meters. This type of module is used in the construction of all types of facilities, projects of which are available on our website (for more information click the Catalog of houses link)

Upon the individual client requirements, Prefab - constructions can be designed in additional sizes. We work intensely with developers, investors and construction companies and design individual solutions for them, depending on the task.

The projects passed all the inspections required by law - the company NOVIY DOM has all the necessary certificates that allow the construction of modular buildings and constructions and confirm their safety.