For hotel segment

Business owners are people who can count their money, and investors who invest money in the hotel segment are most interested in minimizing the construction time and speeding up the commissioning of the facility, so most of our clients in the hotel segment come to us with the task of building an attractive building from high-quality materials as soon as possible, with the most transparent estimates and fixed construction costs.

The following facilities can be built with the help of the NOVIY DOM constructions:

  • Chain hotels up to 9 floors
  • Hotels up to 4 floors
  • Mini hotels
  • Motels
  • Single-module hotels in recreation areas


For the construction of chain hotels, we, together with ACCOR (the world leader in the construction of hotels of the NOVOTEL, Odagio, IBIS, Mercure, Movenpich, Swissotel, Rixos, Fairmont and other chains), developed a special solution for building hotels based on the example of the Ibis Agora suite - module with a fully completed finish and turnkey furniture, for the construction of hotels with 5 to 9 floors inclusive.

This module has a reinforced construction with the 2 degree of fire resistance, which allows it to be used in the construction of buildings with 5 to 9 floors, and it has the “turnkey” marking for a reason, because such a module is delivered with a finish, bathroom and lavatory equipment, furniture and built-in constructions. And at the construction site, you will only need to close the intermodular connections.

The use of the NOVIY DOM technique in the construction of hotels at relatively comparable costs for the production of modules or the construction of a hotel using classical technology allows us to obtain significant advantages, namely the quality of the work performed and, as a result, the quality of the facility, reducing the construction time.
So, a hotel built according to standard technique can take in its first guests in the 4th year following the start of construction, and in case of construction using KNAUF modules, the first guests can check-in in the 2nd year.

When applying this solution, a building can have a different configuration, we have several layout schemes for the concrete core, and how modular structures are located inside them. For more detailed information contact our managers.

Read more about our module:

Hotels up to 4 floors

The use of standard modules is relevant for the construction of hotels up to 4 floors inclusive.

NOVIY DOM Prefab - modules can be manufactured with any degree of fine finish up to the client - the basic specification with whitebox finish, modules with a fine finish of the floor or with a fully completed fine finish according to the agreed design project.

With the assistance of our designers, we can help in the preparation of design projects under special terms for our clients. We can develop an individual project at the request of the customer, just leave us a request for a calculation of the building structure or turnkey construction of the facility!

Single-module hotels in recreation areas

We have prepared a special solution for land owners in recreation areas: A hotel consisting of single-module facilities of various plannings and quadrature can be built as a temporary facility, but its quality will not be lower than that of chain hotels.

NOVIY DOM hotel modules are not temporary container-type buildings, but a 100% analogue of classical house building, using the best building materials of the KNAUF group, plant quality and reliability. An interesting and modern design will allow you to integrate finished buildings into the natural landscape and without disturbing it, get a spectacular vacation spot for guests.

These projects are ready for use with the offered planning and facade solutions or an individual solution can be designed based on the requirements and wishes of the customer.

An individual project can be developed at the request of the customer, just leave us an application!