For government orders and regional programs

For government agencies, the NOVIY DOM company has prepared a number of solutions that help representatives of government agencies to obtain a reliable partner in the person of the NOVIY DOM, a subsidiary of KNAUF group for the implementation of regional and federal programs.
Constructions from the KNAUF group have proven quality of materials, certified technical solutions, plant quality, fixed cost of the facility, reducing construction time on site.

The following facilities can be built with the help of the constructions of the NOVIY DOM company:

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Multiuse centers
  • Summer camps
  • Cultural houses
  • Midwifery units
  • Ambulance stations and clinics
  • Residential homes for relocation
  • Addition of floors in existing buildings

Dilapidated and emergency housing relocation program

Federal and regional programs for the relocation of residents from dilapidated or emergency housing in different regions of Russia are promoted at a different rate, but most of them have a number of problems that government officials face who are responsible for their realization. The most difficult issues are: 1) choosing a reliable contractor, 2) tight construction deadlines, 3) precise estimate before the start of the project, 4) the quality of the finished building.

All these issues can be easily solved if you consider the construction according to the NOVIY DOM techniques, which is engaged in the construction of multi-family, row and single-family houses and buildings of various types and purposes from the plan-manufactured Prefab - modules. Using prefab - structures during construction allows you to build a house or building of high quality, not inferior to standard house building, with a service life of more than 50 years, from German building materials, in a very short period of time with guaranteed quality compliance.

An existing building can be reconstructed or added using prefab - constructions of the NOVIY DOM company. Due to the fact that the constructions are lightweight, it is typical to build additional floors with a slight strengthening of the current foundation.

Experience in implementing these projects exists both in Russia and in the countries of the former CIS.

You can view the catalog of building types in theCATALOG OF HOUSES.

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