For seismic and northern areas

For the Northern and Seismic regions, the company NOVIY DOM has prepared a number of special solutions that are extremely important in these territories.
In the conditions of permafrost, a short construction season, special conditions for the delivery and transportation of building materials, construction using plant-manufactured Prefab structures is most important.

Our technique allows us to work at maximum within the production scope - assembly of modules, finishing according to the design - design of the premises, including the decoration of bathrooms. Thus, on the construction site, it remains to install the modules on the finished foundation, to connect the modules and install engineering equipment.

Another important factor is that modular house building from the KNAUF group is a new word in the quality of manufactured modular constructions. Only the best materials from the KNAUF group are used in production, all work is carried out by highly qualified installers and finishers, all employees are on staff.

Construction in areas with seismic activity also became possible after special tests of the NOVIY DOM constructions for their seismic stability with an amplitude of up to 7-9 points. As a result of the tests, the NOVIY DOM company received the conclusion that the modules are earthquake-resistant and recommended for the construction of houses and buildings in areas of increased seismic hazard. The following facilities can be built with the help of the NOVIY DOM constructions in the Northern and Seismic areas:

Seismic areas:

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Multiuse centers
  • Summer camps
  • Midwifery units
  • Senior centers
  • Residential buildings for engineering-technical workers
  • Dormitories
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Cultural centers and health resorts
  • And etc.

Learn more about how the tests went: