The specifications of prefabricated panels or a module may vary as per the customer’s requirements. The basic option of prefabricated panels is ready for finishing operations and the exterior structure with Aquapanels allows using both the plastered type of façade and a wide range of suspended façades fixed on a special section.
Buildings are assembled from prefabricated modules by NOVIY DOM on a previously-prepared foundation. Any of the following types of foundation is suitable for our structures: strip, pile, raft. The foundation must be of high-quality, with minimal deviations from the design solutions, subject to compliance with the requirements for the preparation of points of fixation of the models.

The roof of the buildings constructed from prefabricated structures may be flat (accessible and inaccessible), lean-to, duo-pitch and with four sloping surfaces.

Prefabricated structures for the roof, terraces and balconies can be made and supplied as part of the project.

Our team includes architects, engineers and designers who take into account all the customer’s wishes and prepare custom solutions on their basis.

A licensed installation organisation installs the structures as per the work project and the corresponding Construction Standards and Regulations and Construction Rules.
Standard modules are assembled during building construction following a strict technological sequence:

  • Foundation (foundation is designed for each specific site)
  • Installation of foundation connecting pieces
  • Assembly of ground floor modules
  • Installation of ground floor connecting pieces
  • Assembly of first (next) floor / roof modules
  • Connection of the building’s engineering systems
  • Packing of modules joints
  • Façade finishing
  • Flooring and finishing of the floor, installation of interior doors


  • Modular products
  • Standardised design principles
  • Individualisation by new combinations


  • Standardised production processes
  • Scalable options and quantity


  • Modular equipment
  • Modular storage areas
  • Standardised construction orders
  • Standardised suppliers


  • Modular service elements
  • Cooperation with service providers
  • Standardised services for various groups of clients