Using prefabricated structures by NOVIY DOM in construction offers a number of undisputed advantages:

  1. All production, assembly and finishing processes are carried out at the official factory of the KNAUF Group, under strict supervision and in compliance with all technical requirements.
  2. Only modern and certified materials and engineering equipment are used in the production of NOVIY DOM prefabricated structures.
  3. Most of the components are KNAUF Group products.
  4. The structures have a useful life of at least 50 years.
  5. Utilities of the future building are integrated into the module, including electrical equipment, heating, water supply system, sewage and ventilation. Windows and doors are installed.
  6. Buildings made of prefabricated structures are for rapid-mounting, which allows for significant saving of time for construction.
  7. This technology prevents wet processes on the construction site (principle of year-round dry construction).
  8. The customer has the potential of overbuilding or attaching additional modules to a previously erected building, which expands the possibility of adapting the existing building as per new requirements.
  9. NOVIY DOM works only with reliable and proven suppliers of components, materials and engineering equipment that are Russian and world leaders. The main condition is the localisation of production within the Russian Federation.  The share of localisation  of NOVIY DOM prefabricated structure components is 98%. (Official suppliers).

Modular structures allow to cut on construction costs by 30%:

  • Reduced design costs
  • Reduced material costs
  • Reduced logistics and supply costs

Modules can be of different sizes and configurations, accordingly, the buildings will look different and have different layouts.

Cost advantage

  • Design costs
  • Material costs
  • Logistics and supply costs
  • Popularity of products and variability of sizes
  • Lessons learnt
  • Maintenance

The efficiency of resource consumption in the construction of modular houses is much higher than with the traditional approach.

Water consumption is reduced by 80 %, sand consumption is reduced by 90 %, energy consumption is reduced by 70 %. The number of defects is reduced by 90 %.

Water consumption

Sand consumption