There is currently a vast experience in the use of prefabricated structures in the European and American markets. The existing experience and technologies of the KNAUF Group allow scaling the principle of dry construction and its efficiency.

Advantages of the dry construction method

  1. Less weight of the structure
  2. Short payback period
  3. Water saving during the construction stage
  4. Clean construction site
  5. Fixed costs for the final product
  6. Construction is possible under any weather
  7. Optimal material consumption without remainder

Economic component

  1. Increased interior areas by 4-5 % due to the thinner wall structure of KNAUF
  2. Low assembly costs
  3. Time saving on construction
  4. Low weight
  5. Cheap bearing structural elements
  6. Easy assembly

Examples of buildings and structures built using the Prefab technology are given below.

Medical Centre

KNAUF GROUP’s experience  Germany
Медцентр 3
Медцентр 2
Медцентр 1

Modular residential buildings

KNAUF GROUP’s experience – Germany, Factory panels COCOON
Блокированный дом 1
Блокированный дом 2


KNAUF GROUP’s experience – Tula
сад 1
сад 2

Modular metal frame Trauma Centre – Cheboksary

травма 1
травма 2
травма 3

Assisted living facility in Basel

KNAUF GROUP’s experience - Switzerland, addition of 3 floors
доп престарелых 1
Дом престарелых 2

Social building in Basel

KNAUF GROUP’s experience - Switzerland
базель 1
базель 2

Residential complex Bolshevik

KNAUF GROUP’s experience – Moscow

Floor additions in Khrushchev-era apartment blocks with façade reconstruction

KNAUF GROUP’s experience – Republic of Belarus, Minsk
хрущевка 1
хрущевка 2

* This section comprises the designs, implemented by third-party manufacturing companies registered both in Russia and Europe, as well as global best practice of KnaufGropu.